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CPB consultants 310 LLC are a passionate company that strives toward building your credit together for a healthier credit lifestyle. And in turn rewarding a foundation toward generational wealth. Call today so we can educate and integrate consumer laws by removing unwanted accounts. And getting you on the right path.

  • Types of errors people should look for
Inquiries accounts that you did not authorize and have no knowledge about. Call today to have those unauthorized items removed
  • Victim of identity theft call today and let us correct your profile step by step
  • Better ways to pay off your credit card fees
Pay down more than the minimum balance each month Call today and speak with our credit counselors to educate you on a healthy credit score
  • Types of errors people should look out for
Address dob ssn and personal information misspelled Call today to have those items corrected
  • What does it mean when you have no credit score

You have not established credit history of any kind

Call today to learn more about our credit counseling and how to build your credit for a higher score

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